SelenoExcell, Food-Form Selenium, Minerals

Our Story

We’ve been involved in Gold Standard research for over 25 years. Watch how our flagship product, SelenoExcell®, is the standard for all other selenium products.

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Cypress BodyReady platform is a research-based confidence index. It assures our customers that science validation remains our continued core commitment.

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Maternal Health

Pregnancy is a dynamic process characterized by an apparent increase in maternal utilization of selenium.

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Welcome to Cypress Ingredients

At Cypress, our first commitment is to serve you, our customer, with clinical science.

Our second is to meet all your needs with Gold Standard Customer Service.

Cypress Systems was founded on two core commitments. The first being the need to provide the most scientifically proven ingredients for dietary supplements, food and beverages and then secondly, to provide “Best in Class” service to each and every customer. As consumers strive to better their health, they are taking a more proactive role in their health and wellness decisions. Today’s informed consumer is looking for responsible manufacturers that provide scientifically tested ingredients, which are also backed by 3rd party testing. Leading researchers across the globe have used our products in clinical trials and continue to recommend our brand and form of selenium-enriched yeast above all others. In serving our customers we live by the simple, but age-old truth, The Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have done unto you. We serve you, our customer with the same commitment, passion and integrity that we would desire for ourselves.

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Organically Bound & Quality Controlled

Our exceptional products include SelenoExcell, GTF Excell, and Zinc Excell.