Our Comprehensive Review: Minerals That Support Healthy Immunity: Selenium

Animal Grade Yeast

Excell High Selenium Yeast 2000

Animal Nutrition... Elevated

High quality nutrition and supplementation is not just for humans! We’ve been supplying human grade standards to the animal grade market with our Excell® High Selenium Yeast 2000 long before gourmet pet food and organic feed were a thing.


We believe that if you’re going to enrich your animal feed products with essential nutrients, you've got to do it right. Our 100% organically bound selenium yeast is produced with the same food form selenium complex – primarily selenomethionine - that is highly bioavailable and backed by decades of extensive research.


Selenium’s positive effects on the immune system, oxidative stress, antioxidant defense, and fertility have become widely studied in animals over the past several years, reinforcing its importance in daily animal feed nutrition. With science and quality at the forefront, Excell HSY 2000 remains the best and most effective food-form of animal grade selenium on the market today.

Our Excell High Selenium Yeast 2000 is produced at the same high quality standards as our human grade ingredients.


Non-GMO yeast strain (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)


Selenium yeast has antioxidant properties that improve:

• Immunity
• Anti heat stress
• Reproductive performance
• Meat quality
• Metabolism
• Longevity

100% Natural

Food-form, organically bound selenium matrix
100% organically bound. No free selenium

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