What is BodyReady?

Cypress BodyReady platform is a research-based confidence index. It assures our customers that science validation remains our continued core commitment. It embraces the rich clinical history of Cypress and outlines a scientific validation process by which all current and future Cypress products will be measured.

The BodyReady approach to how our body utilizes nutrients clearly addresses why form makes a difference and provides critical information to the value of using a personalized matrix when formulating for condition specific products.

While researchers are continuing to unravel the complex interplay between the body and the essential trace mineral selenium, our new BodyReady platform is taking that complexity and turning it into scientifically sound messages that can inform best choices. Our BodyReady platform signals Cypress Systems’ commitment to going deeper, to communicate the newest understanding of the critical role that selenium and other nutrients play in your health. SelenoExcell® is BodyReady–ready to be used by the body to promote health and reduce the risk of certain diseases because the combination of selenium forms contained in SelenoExcell directly feed the three metabolic pools which serve as the machinery that mastermind the body’s utilization of selenium. Because SelenoExcell is BodyReady, you can choose SelenoExcell with confidence to satisfy the body’s needs. BodyReady–selenium nutrition simplified.