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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ~Hippocrates
GTF Excell Chromium Yeast and

Blood Sugar Management

Apple Blood SugarWith rising rates of insulin resistance and its damaging effects leading to diabetes, GTF Chromium is an important ingredient that potentiates insulin action by orchestrating the efficient conversion of energy from food carbohydrates. This improved glucose regulation is known to support healthy levels of body fat and a person’s ideal body weight and composition.
People on popular fad diets, along with typical high-carbohydrate western diets, people on fasting diets or those who consume poor nutrition, low-carb, high fiber, calorie restriction or ketogenic diets often do not consume or absorb a sufficient amount of chromium. Most diets offer less than 60% of the recommended minimum intake of 50 mcg per day. High consumption of dietary fiber and phytate and old age may also be associated with lower chromium status. People on high-carbohydrate, high-sugar diets tend to excrete more chromium in urine, which requires supplementation to replace what is lost.
Vegetarians and vegans consuming diets low in whole grains and high in sugar may have low chromium levels as a result. Also, people with compromised gastrointestinal absorption, or those on long-term restricted diets, require chromium in order to maintain normal blood-glucose management.

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