The best way to detoxify is to stop putting toxic things into the body and depend upon its own mechanisms. ~ Andrew Weil
Selenium and


Toxins can wreak havoc on our hormones, complexion, energy, mood and mental functionality, manifesting themselves as headaches, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and eventually leading to the extreme with chronic illness and certain cancers. It’s difficult to limit our exposure to toxins when we’re bombarded with them daily starting with our diets, pesticides, prescription drugs, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), building materials in our homes and list goes on and on.
Selenium repairs chromosome damage. It is also needed for the conversion of thyroid hormone, form T4 to T3. You need it to make glutathione in your body–a master antioxidant made in our liver that is important for heavy metal detoxification. Selenium also prevents viral replication and helps detoxify arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, mercury and silver.

Glutathione (GSH) is critical to the detoxification process.

SelenoExcell® selenium-enriched yeast plays a dramatic role in reducing oxidative stress biomarkers. Reducing oxidative stress is a crucial step in reducing disease and cancer risk. The mechanisms aren’t entirely identified yet, but it is believed that selenium-enriched yeast protects the body by controlling redox reactions, which are an important measure of how cells gain (redox) or lose electrons (oxidation). One of the ways it does this is by increasing the levels of glutathione (GSH). Adequate GSH is the first line of defense against oxidative stress, and studies support the fact that decreased GSH levels present an increased risk of cancer. Glutathione in the cells is the redox state (GSH), and other cells are converted to the oxidized form (GSSG). High GSSG means the cell has suffered oxidative stress which could result in various disease conditions.

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