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Why it matters

Pets and Selenium

The very same minerals that maintain human health also benefit pets. Veterinarians support the use of food-form selenium yeast like SelenoExcell® to support pet health. Selenium yeast has been shown to improve glutathione peroxidase activity, which affects healthy immune function.

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The National Animal Supplement Council pre-qualifies companies that supply products and services to NASC Primary Suppliers. Pre-qualification allows Primary Suppliers to accept and use the products and services without additional vendor qualifications and procedures required under NASC cGMPs. The program helps ensure total quality confidence throughout the entire supply chain, from start to finish.

Digestibility and Bioavailability

Selenium and Cancer in Animals

Early studies on selenium chose aging beagles as test subjects because the canine prostate functions similarly to humans. As such, researchers discovered a similar reduction in prostate cancer risk in canines as humans. Equine studies also show that selenium yeast is more effective than sodium selenite in increasing selenium blood levels and maintaining immune health. These and other studies have led veterinarians to recommend food-form selenium yeast for dogs, horses and other animals to reduce oxidative stress levels, improve glutathione peroxidase activity and lower prostate cancer risk.

To date, studies show that selenium levels in pet food can vary significantly, which can affect overall health and wellness. Researchers suggest that pet food companies consider the form of selenium when developing pet food formulations.

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