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Human Nutrition

Whole food-form mineral supplements made using microbial cultures, such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae, replicates the natural process found in plants. These supplements are a superior food-form that the body can readily use.
In the world of minerals, how the mineral is produced makes a dramatic difference in bioavailability. Organic minerals from plants, as opposed to inorganic minerals found in soil and water, provide the most benefits to human health. An emerging body of research shows that yeast-enriched mineral supplements mimics how plants produce organic minerals. This is proving to be the best way to get highly bioavailable minerals that are closest to the type nature produces in plants. Whole food-form supplements are the best way for the human body to obtain highly effective minerals. Manufacturing processes that replicate the plants natural ability to transform inorganic minerals from the soil to a protein bound food-form is the gold standard for minerals. The process uses Saccharomyces cerevisiae, better known as baker’s yeast.



1. Roots

Plants absorb inorganic forms of mineral from soil through root hairs. These inorganic minerals are the ideal natural food for plants, but they are not bioavailable to humans in this form.

2. Stem

The mineral combines with water and both are pushed through the plant’s cells in the stems and leaves.

3. Leaves

This process transforms the inorganic minerals into ionic forms, which creates a highly bioavailable nutritious form of organic minerals for humans and animals. When animals and humans consume plants the body knows exactly how to use the minerals within these plants for vital bodily processes.

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