GTF Chromium Research

Why our GTF Chromium?

As with our other food-form minerals, Cypress Systems uses a yeast fermentation process (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that mimics the way plants organically bind minerals into membranes and protein structures. This standardized fermentation method ensures that your customers will always get a Glucose Tolerance Factor Chromium (GTF) product that is 20-to-50 times richer in whole-food forms of chromium complex than other forms of GTF.

What About Synthetics?

Chromium picolinate is synthetically produced. It is not food-bound and not generated by a living organism. Picolinate and polynicotinate are ‘pseudo-organic’ chemicals, used to chelate chromium and are not found in the body at any appreciable level. The absorption of non-food forms of chromium, like chromium picolinate is low due to degradation in the stomach at a low pH. Thus, picolinate has been shown to be about equally absorbed as inorganic chromium salt (Chromium trichloride).