High Selenium Yeast 2000

Excell HSY 2000 is manufactured with a non-GMO yeast strain (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that organically binds selenium to its protein matrix to produce a selenium complex that is comparable to selenium found in plants such as grains.  Yeast are living organisms with the “machinery” to produce the world’s only natural food-forms of minerals for supplementation, which maximizes bio-availability. Livestock need a continuous supply of trace elements, with selenium being one of them. Over the last 5 decades there have been quite a few achievements in selenium nutrition in several species of animals. It is a dietary essential, being specifically incorporated into the active sites of several known proteins or enzymes as an amino acid, selenocysteine or Glutathione peroxidase (GPx) enzyme.  This enzyme inhibits and destroys naturally occurring peroxides that cause cell damage. It acts in conjunction with vitamin E to protect cell membranes including cell walls. This protection is particularly important in muscle cells that work hard and consume large quantities of energy and oxygen. Selenium is found in the soil and taken up by plants at different levels depending on plant species, fertiliser application and rainfall. Most animals consume selenium with the plants and grains they eat. It is stored for a short period in the body, mainly in the liver, so a continual dietary supply of selenium ensures the best possible production. Knowledge of the importance and management of selenium in the immune system, oxidative stress, antioxidant defense and fertility has increased considerably on animals in recent years and is highly recommended to be incorporated into the daily nutrition in animal feeding systems. Excell HSY 2000 is the best and most effective food-form of selenium on the market today.