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We are committed to going deeper to communicate the newest scientific understanding of the critical role that nutrients play in our health. This means turning scientific and technical advances in the complex interplay between the body and specific nutritional ingredients into scientifically sound messages that can inform best choices for consumers.

Dirt Poor

White Paper

The problem of mineral deficiencies is real. It has known health implications for adults, children and infants. The good news is that it’s possible to turn this around. With the better understanding of the most bioavailable food forms of minerals, your company can play a role in digging us out of our Dirt Poor condition.

Selenium and Maternal Health

Comprehensive Review

In this scientific review, evidence supporting the importance of selenium to maternal and infant health is presented from genetic, observational, and interventional studies.



Why Selenium-Enriched Yeast

White Paper

This white paper from Mark Whitacre, PhD, Geo Espinosa, ND, and Tieraona Low Dog, MD shows, at times it is best to seek out basic nutrients, like the right form of selenium, when looking for the answers behind life’s most pressing health needs.


Yeast Fermentation

White Paper

You will learn why a yeast fermentation process is the best and, frankly, the only way to produce food-form minerals – the type that naturally occur in plants. Food-form minerals made with a yeast fermentation process are the most bioavailable form with the most health benefits.



Body Ready

Comprehensive Review

The new BodyReady. platform embraces the rich clinical research history of Cypress and sets the high scientific standards by which all current and future Cypress products will be measured. For Cypress customers BodyReady. is a confidence index, assuring that exceptional science and exceptional products live at our core.



Food Bound Chromium

White Paper

With rising rates of insulin resistance and its damaging effects that may lead to diabetes, GTF chromium is an important ingredient that potentiates insulin action by orchestrating the efficient conversion of energy from food carbohydrates. This improved glucose regulation is known to support healthy levels of body fat and a person’s ideal body weight and composition.