Cypress Systems

Who We Are

Our company was founded on the need to provide the most scientifically proven ingredients for dietary supplements, foods and beverages. As consumers strive to better their health, they are looking for responsible manufacturing that includes scientifically tested ingredients. Leading researchers across the globe have used our products in clinical trials and continue to recommend our brand and form of selenium yeast above all others.

What We Do

Cypress serves others by producing scientifically proven, food-form, high-quality ingredients that benefit people by reducing the risk of cancer and chronic lifestyle diseases.

We don’t make the next fad ingredient; we make the core minerals and nutrients that every body – human and animal – needs to function every day of their lives. It’s why we have been around for more than 25 years.

What We Believe

The purpose of our founding CEO, Paul A. Willis, is to WAGE WAR ON DISEASE AND SUFFERING. It’s a bold vision that permeates everything we do and fuels our passion to serve others.

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How We Work

We value our relationships, which is why our customer service is second to none. Our goal is to understand your daily challenges and offer comprehensive solutions so that your customers will be satisfied on their journey to better health and wellness.

Cypress provides more than ingredients. We offer solutions that go above and beyond the status quo, such as:

  1. investing in clinical science that you can use to support an FDA approved qualified health claim and honestly authentic structure function claims,
  2. exceeding all quality standards for product standardization and cGMP compliance and,
  3. partnering with our branded ingredient clients in educating consumers and medical practitioners about the importance of well formulated, food-form minerals.